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03 November 2010

How to Breast Feed in Public

You can tastefully breastfeed in public if you do it properly. In fact, if you follow some simple instructions, most people won't even realize that you're breastfeeding. There's no need to hide in the bathroom. After all, you don't eat in the bathroom, so your baby shouldn't have to either.
  • Wear a supportive nursing bra designed especially for breastfeeding mothers. These bras have special latches that unhook from the top of each breast, which allow for easy feeding.

  • Bring a blanket to put over the baby while you breastfeed him in public. Choose a light blanket during summer months, otherwise the baby may get so uncomfortable that he doesn't want to eat.

  • Place the blanket over the baby and position her properly. Drape the blanket over your shoulder a bit so that nothing can be seen.

  • Unlatch your nursing bra and let the baby latch on. When the baby is finished with the first breast, burp her, latch your nursing bra and switch her to the other side.

  • Latch your nursing bra and burp the baby once he is done feeding on the second breast. When everything is safely put away, take the blanket down.


Lyana Mansor said...

alhamdulillah...selama ni takde masalah nak susukan anak kat public... thanks kak ila for a good article...

Azura said...

hi kak ila.. thanks kak.. bnyk info berguna.. atcually saye dh beli nursing cover jenama first year.. so far okla tapi kesian kan.. baby panas... g satu baby saye dh berumur 6 bulan do dier minum susu banyk skill nyer pastu xsuke tutup sini tutup sane.. tu yg saye jadi payah nak kasi depan public... masuk bilik nursing pulak kat sogo ari tu.. ramai pulak para bapa yg sebok nak bagi susu skali .. marah betol la saye...

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