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05 October 2010


What is the ideal age to have a baby? Well, the answer’s simple—when Mother Nature decides! This answer is not as simple as it sounds with women today having to juggle with a lot of modern day goals like managing a career, an active social life and a happy marriage. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of being a mom at the different stages of your life.

From a strict biological point of view, the ideal age for a woman to conceive is when she is in her twenties. That’s the age when fertility is at its zenith and the chances for miscarriages or chromosomal abnormalities are low. As you age your fertility lessens increasing your chances of a miscarriage. Once the ovaries stop producing healthy eggs it becomes very difficult to conceive a healthy baby through natural means. Also, your energy level is at its peak. You have all the energy to run behind your toddler. Also it’s a good decision to have a baby in your 20’s if you are planning to expand your family. It gives you enough time to plan for the second, third or even the fourth. However, being a mother is an enormous responsibility and every decision has to be taken with your child as your priority. Women in their twenties are young at heart and not always ready to make the sacrifices that are required from a mother. It helps to have an understanding partner, but ultimately even your partner has a career to plan.

What about being a mom at 40? Women in their 40’s are a lot more mature than they were in their twenties. They have already established a career, enjoyed their youth without having to worry about responsibilities and are a lot more selective about their social commitments. At their age they tend to have a greater appreciation of motherhood. A baby will naturally benefit from a mom who is emotionally and financially stable. The down side however is that, the risks of medical complications is very high for women in their 40’s. Also, it’s very difficult for women in their 40’s to conceive as their fertility rate is on a decline forcing you to resort to fertility treatments that are expensive and unpredictable. It’s not only the mom but also the baby who is at risk. According to statistics, the risks of having a baby with Down’s syndrome are about 1 in 28 for a mother who is 45. Psychologically, women in their 40’s are less likely to have their own parents for support. Also, it’s too late for women to expand their family.

The best age for a woman, both biologically and psychologically to be a mom is anywhere from 25 to 32. That’s the age when women are still fertile and the ovaries are capable of producing healthy eggs, reducing a lot of pre and post natal complications. Your energy levels may not be as you had in your twenties but you are young enough to run behind your toddler. You are also financially stable enough to take a break from work and are ready to make the sacrifices required. Women in their 30’s are mature enough to have a stable relationship and thus can have an understanding partner. Planning a baby at this stage also gives you the time to plan for another child.

p.s : aku 1st time jd mom umo 25 tahun.. so, 2nd child mayb kena start pk either 31?32? or ......... (semoga ALLAH bukakan pintu rezeki & hati kami)


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ tinieƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙ said...

eh kita sama la. start umor 25 jadi ibu :)

tapi aku start dulu untuk 2nd 1

Mizz_Ila said...

tinie : xpe...ko teruskan dulu. hahaha

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