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17 April 2009


klik kat gambar
You're green tea lip balm!
You are powerful and wise beyond your years. You have a strong sense of who you are and your lips share that self-assurance. Before you open your mouth to speak (or kiss), you think through every possible consequence, so you're confident that it's the right choice. Your lips are a force of nature with the power to calm the wildest storm. You are deep breaths, constant focus, and eternal passion. Whenever a friend needs help or advice, your presence is as nourishing and necessary as a cup of green tea.
Tag kat semua mak ayam yang belum buat tag ni...ambik yeee


Nur Syafawati said...

i dont like green teaaaaaa....
but i like your personality!!!!
luv u dude!!ngeh.ngeh

MUMMY ILA said... tea good for yr diet...
ohh my personality..really?
thanz girl.. i luv u too

♥ Eda ♥ said...

hahaha tea is so boringggg.... hahaha..yeah yeah luv ur personality babe...

FaizAmYAirieL said...

aku suke cherry tp dapat lemon lak..lemon pon lemon laa..kaaaahhh

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